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Bexbase was started at a group of students who were attending Bexley College at the time. The group would meet once a week to practise maths, programming and discuss areas of interest.

On finishing their college courses, they realised that they would all the heading out the different universities and as they were such good friends decided that they wanted to remain in contact with each other. It was decided that one of the ways this could be achieved was through a website. After a few hours of pondering for a domain name for the website, someone came up with the idea of Bexbase. Bex - from Bex - ley college and base as a common point of reference.

Over the years Bexbase has been associated with projects such as Bexbase Media Streams, Bexbase TV Shows, Bexbase Development, Bexbase Films, Bexbase Radio and most recently Bexbase Media Technology.

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