Meet The Team

Bexbase Development Team

Ben Oats: Developer/SEO Engineer

Ben is final year undergraduate student. He has been developing websites for over three years, and has used his SEO skills to get a number of sites into the top million sites world wide. His interests lies in web application development.


Website: Ben Oats

Bexbase Development Team

Johanne Lewis: Programmer/Artist

Johanne is a technology enthusiast. He is currently in a gap year having succesfully completed a BSc Hons Creative Computing. He has a strong technical background, and uses his knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to clients using creative problem solving. Johanne enjoys creating user focussed web technologies. His interests lies in intelligent interactive systems. Johanne is also a disc jockey, and loves entertaining.



BBexbase Development Team

Thomas Kemp: Graphic Designer

Tom is passionate about art. He currently is studying graphics design. Tom is experimental with his art, and often create innovative cutting edge pieces of art for clients. Tom would like to pass on graphic design tips and tricks to other designers.


Website: Thomas Kemp

What we do

Bexbase Team - What We Do

We pride our selves, in learning new technologies which we integrate into our work. We try our best to ensure the technologies we implement is beneficial to your organisation, and the future of the web. Our team combine six (6) years developing in wordpress - the number one web development tool in recent years. We believe in opensource technology, and we aim to contribute to the opensource community.

Our History

Bexbase Team History

We started as a group of individuals interested in web technologies.


Bexbase Development

Bexbase Media Technology

Bexbase Development is a small startup that aims to bring to the internet and your business, technology that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Our team consist of students and graduates that share a common passion in the development of technologies for the web.

We absolutely love what we do, and we will love to provide you with all our technologies free of charge. However, as everyone on the team, is involved fulltime with education or in gap years, we charge a very competitive price, which you can consider to be a donation towards, pushing the boundaries of current web technologies.

Please contact us if you have any queries, we would love to hear from you. You can also check out our meet the team page to view our members individual profiles. Whatever you do enjoy your time on our website.