Web development

Bexbase Development

At Bexbase we pride ourselves in offering competitive prices and using the latest and greatest in new techniques and technology available and continue to develop and research new ideas and push forward the technology on the Internet.

We are a small but dedicated hardworking group of developers, artists and programmers with a wide variety of skills and passion. We work hard as we love what we do and are always working to further our understanding and knowledge of the subject.

We at Bexbase build, design and develop for the future meaning that we use the latest in web technology and the latest programming/coding syntax technique.


We develop in HTML 5, PHP 5, CSS 3, JAVA SCRIPT and SQL. We make sure all of our web technology is full browser universal, meaning your site will function and work well with all the browsers, devices and mobile technology available. We plan your website for the future and build from the ground up to work with search engines so that they can index and run your site flawlessly without it encountering problems in the future. We future proof your site! Also see our packages.

Graphics Design

Bexbase Media Technology

We create logos, banners and other specialised graphics, to ensure your brand stands out visually from your competitors. We also do photography ensuring that the images that represents you, are found no where else.

Web site maintenance

Bexbase Development

Bexbase offer after care and maintenance for all sites developed by us. This will keep your site looking fresh with new data, images and content including updating the code with the latest method and syntax available to optimise your site for clean smooth and fast running.

With our site maintenance we also keep regular back ups of your site. If anything goes wrong we take care of it so all you do is sit back and relax.

Maintenance cost

Our maintenance packages come in yearly, quarterly (3 monthly) and monthly. Our packages are charged at 17% of the cost of your site.

If you need more information about Bexbase maintenance packages please go to our contact page and contact our web development department.

Search engine Optimisation

Bexbase Development

Search engine optimisation is the number one way to get your site noticed online, you can have the worlds best website but without someone going through the foundations of the code and optimising it for the search giants to index and rank then your site will never get noticed.

At Bexbase we optimise all of our packages (sites) we build for the search giants using a combinations of research and gained knowledge of search algorithms to build the best foundations for ease of indexing. This means that all our sites are built for use on search engines and will be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search giants.

We offer different levels of SEO (search engine optimisation) ranging from basic SEO on all of our sites to spending time optimising your site and the category your site falls under so that Google and the rest can correctly recognise what your site is about and assign the site the key structure for entry to the correct category so that your hits are relevant to your site.

If you would like to know more about Bexbase SEO packages and how they can help your site please go to our contact page and contact our SEO department.

How long till I'm top on Google?

This is a very heavily discussed subject although it is possible to get your site on the top page on Google or any other search engine within a day or two. This is not always good. The reason behind this is simply the fact that anyone with a basic knowledge of Google's indexing structure and algorithm placement will find a way to spam Google so that your site jumps to the top page, but you will not stay there long, the reason for this is Google is smart.... very smart and has seen this many times before and knows how to counter the trick. Once Google has seen the spam trick and properly sends its bots around your site and compares the information to what is relevant on your site and if it coincides with data already on the internet then your rank will fall and quick.

So how do I get a well ranked site?

We can build the structure of your site very well and properly so your site will gain rank and hold that rank. We build all our sites code foundation with Google and similar engines. There is no point building a brilliant web site then trying to change it so Google will find it, the best way is to build them both at the same time which is what we do. We carefully plan each stage of your site to coincide with search engines then we submit the correct index of your site with the instructions inside that index to tell the search engine how to run and scan the site. I'm afraid there is no real top tip to get the number one spot over night if you wish to stay there.

SEO packages

We offer different levels of SEO work, from the basic foundations to the advance stages. All our site include the basic SEO structure so that Google and others will find and list your site. The advanced SEO packages means that one or two members of our team will strategically go through every line of code in your site, every directory, every image and perfect them for Google and the rest so that your site will get more relevant hits than before, we even list and submit your site with listing index directory to give your site the best possible rank it can achieve.

Social Network Integration

Bexbase Development

Social networking is the new way of communication and in the last 5 years has really taken off and secured it's place in the 21st century. It's the latest method of communication. At Bexbase we possess the skills to integrate all of this into your site!

Do you have any social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc). If so do you want them linked in with your website or even share the data between your site and your social network accounts?

At Bexbase we have the skill and technology to use open graph techniques to connect your accounts to your website, this is a fantastic way to boost visits to your site by letting people share, tweet or post your site across their account and pass data to and from your accounts.

Benefits of social network integration

As covered before one of the biggest benefits would be to let your visitors share the page, post or product with their friends. This will increase the traffic directed to your site and really help to get your site out there.

Another benefit if you don't have a blog on your site but need a way to let your visitors know of any updates we can integrate a box section (side bar) into your site to show the latest tweets or updates from your social networking account.

If you have membership/registration on your site but do not wish that your members fill out a registration of any type then we can develop integration so that they may login to your site with their social network account details.

If you require any further information or wish to integrate social mediums into your current site and would like more details, including prices, please go to our contact page and contact our development team.


Bexbase Services and Solutions

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Bexbase covers a wide range of services. We can build you a website for personal or commercial use, search engine optimising your site new or old so that Google and other top search engines find your site and increase your ranking, to web hosting for your site. We also build and design graphics for all needs digital or other for anything ranging from computing to flyers. We can come to your office and set up server and client side networks and integrate that with custom built software and web systems so you can manage your business online. We also provide great aftercare for all services.

Our team of experienced and trained personnel are here to take you into the information revolution and advance the way you see yourself or your business online. We consist of individuals with experience ranging from hard core software engineers/programmers to concept artists, hardware specialists and web technology developers who have a combined experience of over 7 years pushing technology further and bringing new ideas to light and making the future a reality.

Our after care service is top class with someone always on hand to take your phone call, email or chat request 24/7. We pride ourselves on improving the customers experience and business with the services we offer. We provide all round solutions to anything technological/digital that you or a company may need.

So to browse our technology solutions and services please use the menu at the top of this section to chose which service best suits your needs and how we can help you.

Alternatively you can go to our contact page if you require more information.